Apple Pay available in Taiwan from today: banks

By Kuan-lin Liu, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Apple Pay will be available to users in Taiwan beginning 7 a.m. this morning, the 14th market in which the e-payment service has been rolled out.

Apple first announced its plans to launch its e-wallet app in Taiwan in February 2017.

While the news that Apple Pay is launching today did not come from an official Apple representative, an undisclosed bank representative working with Apple Pay said that he or she received notification of Apple Pay’s Mar. 29 launch.

Seven banks in Taiwan — Taishin International Bank, Taipei Fubon Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Cathay United Bank, CTBC Bank, E.SUN Bank, and Union Bank of Taiwan — have signed up to allow their cards to be used via Apple Pay. Apple users with an iPhone 6 or any newer iPhone model are now able to scan their cards from any of these banks and pay at select stores that have a contactless point-of-sale terminal. Businesses Jumping On Apple Pay  The Breeze Center, Far Eastern Department Stores, Sogo, Carrefour, and PXMart are fivebusinesses that are capitalizing on Apple Pay’s launch from the get-go, allowing the e-wallet service to be used at their stores starting today. The service can also be used at FamilyMarts throughout the country, but only for users with Taishin International Bank cards.

FamilyMart will open up the service to CTBC Bank, Cathay United Bank, and E.SUN Bank in July.

Owners of an iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, or an Apple Watch can use the service on their devices as well. Currently, users can register up to eight cards to their Apple Pay service.

While it is essentially another mobile payment service, Apple Pay differentiates from the other e-wallet programs that already exist in Taiwan due to its two-factor authentication system.

This authentication process uses a Touch ID, PIN, or passcode to successfully authorize the payment in process.

The more widely-used option for Apple Pay would be the Touch ID authentication process, whereby one puts his or her finger to the power button to authorize the payment. E-Wallets in Taiwan Whether you are an iPhone user or not, there are plenty of mobile payment services available in Taiwan.

These include GOMAJI, All Pay, Line Pay, and JKOS Pay. Furthermore, Samsung Pay and Google Pay, which have both been approved by Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Committee, will reportedly be launching in the country in May.

As with the launch of other mobile wallets, Apple Pay will be accompanied by promotional events at the stores where it can be used.

These include promotional events at Breeze Center, where users of Apple Pay who make purchases of at least NT$399 on any Thursday of the month will get a NT$100 coupon. It is expected that more promotional events will roll out as more stores start to allow Apple Pay.