Comedian and daughter end high-profile feud

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Terminally ill entertainment legend Chu Ke-liang (豬哥亮) and his daughter, the singer Jeannie Hsieh (謝金燕), released a joint statement Tuesday revealing that the duo had reconciled following years of estrangement.

While Hsieh’s initial foray into the entertainment industry was supported by her father, Chu reportedly abandoned Hsieh after both she and her sister suffered severe injuries in a near-fatal car accident. Hsieh severed ties completely with her father after Chu went into hiding in the mid 90s over gambling debts. Their relationship was still strained after Chu returned to the public eye in 2009. Chu repeatedly used media appearances to request a public reconciliation with his daughter.

But Hsieh agreed only to conduct private reunions out of respect for her mother.

Eventually, their relationship completely dissolved after Chu made a public statement condemning Hsieh for airing the details of their dispute during a farewell concert at the Taipei Arena last year. Chu revealed he was suffering from terminal bowel cancer in 2014 While he had recovered enough to go on tour and promote his latest movie Hanky Panky (大釣哥) earlier this year, his condition reportedly took a turn for the worse last week. An online rumor that Chu had died recently surfaced, prompting Chu and his daughter release the joint statement yesterday. In the statement, Chu and Hsieh said they had put aside their past differences and apologized to one another. Hsieh also said that the family wished to apologize to the general public, and that they hoped the media and the public could respect their privacy at this time. Local media reported that although Chu was currently confined to his home, the comedian remained conscious and stable. Reportedly, Chu was still able to be his humorous self while communicating with doctors and visitors.