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Despite the fact the Queen is currently alive and well, a meticulous plan has already been laid out for her death. 雖然女王目前健康狀況良好,但是人們已為她的去世做好了準備,制定了周密計畫。

A code word has already been decided upon to deliver the news of her passing to the highest tiers of government. 女王去世的暗號已經準備好了。一旦女王去世,這個暗號就會傳給政府最高層。

While the death of George VI was signalled by the words “Hyde Park Corner” – to stop switchboard operators at Buckingham Palace learning the news – the equivalent word for Queen Elizabeth II is “London Bridge is down”. 為了防止白金漢宮的電話接線員得知消息,喬治六世駕崩時用的代號是“海德公園角”,而女王伊莉莎白二世的相應代號則是“倫敦橋已垮”。

According to The Guardian, the Prime Minister at the time will be woken, if not already awake, and informed by civil servants that “London Bridge is down”. 根據《衛報》的報導,女王去世之時,首相如果還在睡覺,將會被叫醒,屬員會通知首相“倫敦橋已垮”。

These words will signify the monarch has passed away and kick off Operation London Bridge – a highly-organised set of arrangements which will eventually culminate in the Queen’s funeral. 這句話將意味著女王已去世,倫敦橋行動啟動。倫敦橋行動由一系列高度組織化的安排構成,並以女王的葬禮而告終。

The Foreign Office’s Global Response Centre, located at an undisclosed location in London, will then immediately inform 15 governments outside the UK where the Queen is also the head of state. After this, the centre will pass on the news to the 36 other nations of the Commonwealth for whom the Queen has served as a symbolic figurehead for many decades. 位於倫敦的秘密地點的外交部全球回應中心,屆時將會立刻通知15個海外領地政府,這些地區也以女王為元首。之後,該中心會將消息傳達給其餘36個英聯邦國家,在這些國家中,女王幾十年以來一直是象徵性的名義元首。

It will not be long before the news spreads from world leaders to the general public, with the news of her passing released as a newsflash to the Press Association and thus the global media simultaneously. 各國領導得到消息後不久,民眾也會知道了。女王去世的消息會作為快報由英國報業協會和全球媒體同時播放。