1,000 evacuated after fire in Xinyi District

The China Post news staff

A fire broke out in Taipei’s Xinyi District late Wednesday, with some 20 fire trucks and several ambulances deployed to respond to the blaze that also caused the evacuation of a nearby movie premiere. Over 1,000 people, including moviegoers as well as stars and guests present at the premiere of the film “Who Killed Cock Robin (目擊者)” held at the venue, were evacuated as a result of the incident.

An eyewitness who was present at the premiere recounted that lights were suddenly turned on during the movie, followed by the sound of the movie being turned off. The eyewitness said he walked out of his screening hall to try and fix the problem. After seeing smoke in the hallway of the theater, he went back in to his screening to ask his fellow moviegoers to evacuate.

Aside from moviegoers, shoppers around the area evacuated to the adjacent Shinkong Mitsukoshi for safety. Reportedly, the fire originated from the Burger King located at the second floor of the Vieshow complex.

Although the local fire department was able to locate the fire and react to the situation, the amount of people occupying the area compelled the fire department to elevate the fire to a level three fire hazard.