Adam’s Diary: What’s on, April 15-22

By Adam Graudus, The China Post

Prince Tribute Night, Saturday, April 15 To mark a year since the Purple One’s passing, Taipei is playing host to a one-night, two-venue tribute to His Royal Badass, the High Priest of Pop, the Artist Formerly Known as Prince. The night starts with a gig from 問題總部, Project X and Prince Tribute Band at PIPE, followed by a Prince-themed club night and another appearance from the Prince Tribute Band at M Taipei, where “things will get hotter and sexier.” Doors: 7 p.m. (PIPE), 10 p.m. (M Taipei) Entry: NT$400 (PIPE, includes a free drink), NT$400 (M Taipei, includes three free drinks) Address: PIPE Live Music, 1 Siyuan Road, Taipei City (Part One), M Taipei, 456, Xinyi Road Section 4, Taipei City (Part Two)

Dominican Party, Saturday, April 15 Language school and cultural-exchange space YK Club invites you to learn more about the culture, customs and food of the Dominican Republic. Learn the basics of traditional Dominican dancing, as well sample the best of the Caribbean nation’s cuisine. The party is part of YK Club’s regular series of exchange events that introduce lesser-known countries in a bid to promote diversity and break stereotypes. YK Club will also host a language exchange session after the event where you can brush up on your Spanish. Doors: 2 p.m. Entry: NT$150 Address: 11, Lane 7, Mingde Road, New Taipei City

Calzone Baking Class, Saturday, April 15 Struggling to get your fix of doughy, eggplant-filled goodness? Become self-reliant and learn how to make calzone with KP Kitchen Taiwan. Aside from providing the know-how and materials to make delicious pies from scratch, the class includes take-home recipe cards in both English and Chinese. Dazzle your friends and family with your new found culinary expertise, and leave people saying: “I got eggplant on my mind . Get me couple of those calzones right now . Pronto . Move out . Big Stein wants a calzone!” To register, email [email protected], or phone 0965-502-030. Doors: 2 p.m. Entry: NT$950 Address: KP Kitchen Taiwan, 37, Fuyang Street, Taipei City

Comedy Girls — Bad Mom Story, Friday, April 21 & Saturday, April 22 Learning Chinese gets quite tedious by the time you reach your 500th lesson on traditional Chinese holidays, so why not switch up your studying with some comic relief? Comedy Girls (好好笑女孩) are somewhat of a rarity in Taiwan, given the dearth of Chinese-language sketch-comedy groups on the island. “Bad Mom Story” (聽媽媽的壞話) is a romp through the trials faced by a foul-mouthed mother as she raises her four indolent daughters. Doors: 8 p.m. Entry: NT$400 (includes a free drink) Address: My Yacht, 4-1, Alley 22, Lane 553, Zhongxiao East Road, Section 4, Taipei City