The Archive: On Aug. 3, 1972, we reported on girl students and highway construction

With Enru Lin, The China Post

We delve into a random edition from way back in CP’s 65-year history. This week: Thursday, Aug. 3, 1972.

TOP HEADLINE IN THIS DAY’S PAPER: ■ Egypt, Libya To Form Union Egypt and Libya are on the verge of proclaiming the formation of one state, the official Egyptian News Agency reported from Benghazi where the leaders of the two countries were meeting..

THE DAY’S EDITORIAL: ■ Girl students The results of the Joint Collegiate Entrance Examination revealed that in the faculties of liberal arts and law of the national universities, more girls than boys are successful candidates and in many departments two-thirds or more successful candidates (are) girls. …. The trend indicates that there will be more and more girl students in the universities and colleges, especially in the colleges of arts and law.

OVERSEAS: ■ Olympic Village Opens Munich’s Olympic Village opened officially on Tuesday and one of the first athletes to move in called the terraced apartment complex “a little overwhelming.”

HELP WANTED: ■ Writers-Editors Wanted The CHINA POST has openings for part-time writer-editors. Applicants must have a good command of written English. Chinese speaking ability is preferred but not essential. Send resume to “The Editor, The CHINA POST, 8 Fushun Street, Taipei (104)” before August 10.

ON THE LOCAL PAGE: ■ And You Thought Your Wages Were Bad Fifty university students of the Engineering and Construction team started a project of widening the Pul Li-Wu She highway under the blazing central Taiwan sun. Their work includes controlling the stone compressor, sorting out big and small rocks coming out of the compressor, and shouldering the rock to its heap. They work 8 hours a day, 7-12 in the morning, and from 1-5 in the afternoon, with a daily salary of NT$60. Liang Tsai-ping stated his reason for joining the team was to teste [sic] the kind of life unknown to ordinary students. Liang thinks modern Chinese youth are not physically strong.

AND WHAT THOSE DOLLARS COULD BUY: ■ 2 Glasses Of Wine A snack bar in the basement of the Frank Hotel on 62 Min Tsu West Road has been set up with 23 dining tables seating about 200 guests. Drop in there any time between 7 in the morning and 2 the next morning for a cup of coffee (NT$8) or a glass of wine (NT$30 and up). Food is served anytime at NT$15 per dish. Full tables with twelve dishes start at NT$1,000 excluding tax and tips of 10 percent.