Pair convicted by district court over THSR ticket scam

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A court has given a jail term of 40 days each to two people who used a ticket scam to defraud Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) out of NT$1,400 for a trip from Taipei to Kaohsiung. One of the two people, surnamed Liu, succeeded in spending only NT$55 on her Taipei-Kaohsiung ride in May 2016 with the help of her co-defendant, surnamed Kuo, according to the Apple Daily. On her second attempt to defraud THSR with the same trick in June 2016, the pair were caught red-handed at Zuoying station, the newspaper said. Liu was a former employee of THSR and was well aware of the ticketing loophole, the paper said, adding that the pair had already paid the rail company a total of NT$50,000 in damages for their act. Their jail terms are convertible into fines, which amount to a total of NT$80,000 for the pair. According to the paper, the scam saw Liu spend NT$35 buying a ticket from Taipei to Banqiao on THSR, but ride all the way down to Zuoying. Gate Shenanigans

Kuo bought a ticket for a trip from Kaohsiung to Tainan for NT$140 and swiped it on the machine at the gate. But he did not go in, and instead when Liu arrived he handed over his ticket to her across the gate. Liu then lied to the station conductor that she had just bought the Zuoying-Tainan ticket but decided not to take the ride. She was given an almost full refund of NT$120, meaning she spent only NT$55 for a Taipei-Kaohsiung trip, which carries a regular price of at least NT$1,445.