After 65 years, The China Post charts bold path forward

The China Post news staff

Dear readers, since it was founded in 1952, The China Post has been here, witnessing the changes in Taiwan: from the nation’s democratization, to its economic miracle and now its headlong charge into the digital age. Some of you have been with us since our first day, some picked up a copy of The Post along the way, some of you found us on the newsstands or in your hotel rooms, some received the paper from your parents and English teachers and some even got a copy from a friendly flight attendant.

Throughout the years, we at The China Post have dedicated ourselves to providing accurate reports of affairs in Taiwan and abroad as well as sharp but unbiased opinion pieces and analysis without favor or fear. We are fortunate enough to enjoy the support of our readers and our journalists, the two pillars of the newspaper.

At the beginning of this year, The China Post launched the first English-language newspaper app in Taiwan, which has received public recognition. The online pageview numbers are also at new highs. On Sunday, The China Post announced its plan to become fully digitalized. The Post will print its last paper edition on May 15 and will roll out its new online content in the near future.

In addition to quality and original news content, The China Post will take advantage of its alliance with numerous major domestic and foreign news media companies to continue to provide authoritative, in-depth news and commentaries to an English-speaking audience.

We love our newspaper. It has been the pride of every editor, every reporter, every graphic designer, every IT technician, every office employee and every member of printing staff who has worked to make this newspaper possible.

But it is also the time to change. The decision to go fully digital is not one that is made lightly but with a determination to take this 65-year-old media company into a new era.

Taiwan has a free and diverse media culture, but is lacking many English news platforms to bring together the wealth of media content that is produced, most of which is in Chinese, to help an international audience get the whole picture and truly see the real Taiwan.

To our subscribers, we thank you for your support and investment in our journalism. We apologize for any inconvenience this will cause. We will work hard to make sure the reimbursements of your outstanding subscription fees are handled properly and smoothly.

We also invite you and all our readers to join us on this journey to a new age. Things change. But some values always stay the same. The new China Post will stick to the same principles we always have done in our desire to report the truth and to give our readers the best information possible — just as we have been doing for more than six decades.