United Airlines CEO to visit China after dragged passenger incident

[email protected] China Post

Facing a backlash over an incident this month involving an Asian-American passenger, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz is planning a visit to China.

Munoz has already stopped at the Chinese consulate in Chicago to try to smooth over the situation, with the company concerned the incident would affect bookings from Chinese customers.

United controls around 20 percent of the total US-China air traffic, and is also in a partnership with Chinese flag carrier, Air China, Reuters quotes analysts as saying.

Last week, Dr David Dao was forcibly dragged from his seat on a United flight as the crew attempted to clear space on the overbooked flight for crew members.

Dao refused to give up his seat, citing an appointment with a patient the following day. He was then physically removed from the fight by two security staff.

The violent incident saw the 69-year-old loose two front teeth, as well as suffer a broken nose and a concussion, said his attorney.

Dao emigrated to the US from Vietnam.

His treatment has angered many in the Asian community.

It has already triggered calls for a boycott of the airline by Asian groups in the US, as well as in Vietnam and China.