The Archive: On May 13, 1960, we reported on the ‘new’ cross-island highway

With Shane Rothery, The China Post

We delve into a random edition from way back in CP’s 65-year history. This week: Friday, May 13, 1960

TOP HEADLINE IN THIS DAY’S PAPER: ■ US Pilot Killed By Police Near Havana In Alleged Try To Pick Up ‘Fugitives’ An American pilot tentatively identified as Matthew Edward Duke, 42, today was reported killed by Cuban police when he landed a light plane on the outskirts of Havana in an attempt to pick up two men and a woman.

THE DAY’S EDITORIAL: ■ Welcome To General Grondes History is being made today with the arrival of the Spanish Military Mission headed by General Munez Grondes, Chief of Staff of the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces of Spain, for a nine-day official visit to this country. To General Grondes and his party we wish to extend our hearty welcome, not only because Spain and China have maintained the most cordial relations with each other for centuries, but also because his mission is the first of its kind from Spain as well as from Western Europe.

WHAT WE WERE ADVERTISING: ■ Florida Bakery This bakery, founded in Shanghai in 1949 before moving to Taiwan, is still going strong, with eight locations in Taipei. One of these is the Datong location on Zhongshan North Road, which is only two minutes’ walk from The China Post’s original office. Today’s Florida Bakery is no longer a butcher shop, but it’s still great.

CHINA POST PICTORIAL: ■ A Pleasure Ride Along The New E-W Cross-Island Highway We dedicated a whole page to celebrating the “thrilling” new central cross-island highway. The introduction read: “People in Taiwan can now have a most enjoyable and thrilling sightseeing trip along the East-West Cross-Island Highway which was opened to traffic on May 9. The 218-mile highway constructed by over 10,000 Chinese retired servicemen in three years and 10 months with a total expenditure of some NT$470,000,000 has made it possible for motorists to drive from Taichung on the western coast of the island to either Hualien or Ilan on the western coast facing the Pacific. The trip can be comfortably made in two days by staying overnight at Lishan which is located at the center of the highway.”