Meet good dogs: These two were abandoned in a garbage dump

With Enru Lin and Shane Rothery, The China Post

A ban on euthanasia for strays came into effect in February, a milestone policy that shelters across Taiwan have been struggling to accommodate. Many public shelters are reducing the number of animals they accept, while private ones don’t have extra capacity to absorb the fast-growing stray population. The China Post has partnered with trusted local rescuers to introduce one animal each week. These are mostly ones that — because of their coloring, age, medical needs or other traits — have been overlooked by would-be adopters.

These two tiny puppies have had a very rough start in life.

They were rescued from a makeshift dump where Nantou locals had been leaving their trash — and, apparently, their unwanted animals. This environment is as terrible as it looks, with a rotten stench and potential puppy death traps everywhere.

The sound of the pair’s whimpering helped guide the rescuer, who suffered cuts to their hand from broken glass in the process.

After being taken home, the two were given a bath in the sink, and the dirt clotted to their fur turned the water black instantly.

Despite the travails of their life so far, these two are sweet and gentle, as you can see in videos that you can see on our Facebook page (

They have escaped the dump site but their future is still uncertain. The rescuer is getting their medical needs taken care of, but what’s really needed is someone to give one or both of these lovable friends a forever home.

Donations to help offset the costs of the dogs’ care would also be welcomed by the rescue organization:

The non-profit said the pups were found in Yuchih Township, where pet abandonment and abuse of strays are rife.

Estimated age: Two months at most Health: Good Location: Nantou To meet: contact [email protected]