Meet a new immigrant family

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — “My mother doesn’t know what National Taiwan University of Science and Technology is, but she is very happy!” said Hung Yu-hsin (洪玉欣), a Taitung student who won a place at the top university through a national “star-search” program, Hung, one of only a handful of students to win admission, is a model student at the Kung-Tung Technical Senior High School (公東高工). Hung’s class instructor Lin Yu-ching told reporters that Hung was an active participant in school life, acting in school films, serving as class leader and emceeing school activities.

Despite never being able to afford cram school, Hung managed to consistently stay top of her class. She told Central News Agency that she had made up her mind to study harder than the other students. Her father is a Taitung native with only an elementary school education and her mother is Vietnamese, she said. Because both parents were older when they tried to conceive, they had to turn to expensive in-vitro fertilization. Though her parents paid greatly to have her, they were not rich, and the family lived out their lives in rural Taitung with very basic means. She said that when she was young, she spoke Chinese with an accent and was frequently laughed at by others. In elementary school, though learning Bopomofo was very difficult for her, she continued to work hard because she was taught at home that education was the best way to better herself. “In the past, I have seen other new immigrants’ children give up on themselves because of their unique identity or family problems,” she said.