Huai’an Week promotes exchanges between Chinese city and Taiwan

The China Post

By James Lo — The 2017 Huai’an Week (淮安週) took place in Taipei last week to promote cooperation between the mainland Chinese city and Taiwan. Huai’an is an ancient city that is arguably the originator of Chinese fantasy and mythology, being the birthplace of “Journey to the West” author Wu Cheng’en. Yao Xiaodong, the secretary of Huai’an City in Jiangsu, came to Taiwan to help promote the event, stating that the city has utilized cultural, economic and environmental exchanges as a means to create a mutually beneficial platform with Taiwan. Yao said that there are currently some 1,200 investment projects in Huai’an that were initiated by or involve Taiwanese investors.

According to him, the sum of these investments could be as high as US$12 billion, proving that it is a favorable place for Taiwanese investment. Furthermore, the natural resources available in Huai’an, as well as the industrial potential of the area could serve as a platform for future cooperation between Taiwan and mainland China, Yao said. Former Chairman of the Taiwan’s Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF), Lin Join-sane (林中森), echoed Yao’s statements, adding that the city is a great place for travel, business and education. Rock Hsu (許勝雄), chairman of the Chinese National Federation of Industries (全國工業總會), said that Huai’an had been selected by Taiwan’s local electronics industry union as a recommended city for investment 5 years in a row. Hsu added that he looked forward to seeing more beneficial cooperation between Taiwan and Huai’an.