The Archive: On Aug. 10, 1960, we reported on a coup and left-handed people

With Shane Rothery, The China Post

We delve into a random edition from way back in CP’s 65-year history. This week: Wednesday, August 10, 1960.

TOP HEADLINE IN THIS DAY’S PAPER: ■ Laotian Government Falls In Coup d’Etat A revolutionary group led by a young air force captain seized power in a bloodless coup in the tiny landlocked Southeast Asian jungle kingdom of Laos today, and immediately announced it would “sweep out all foreign bases” from the country. Sketchy reports filtering out of Laos, which has been the scene of prolonged military and political troubles, indicated that the second coup in eight months had been engineered by a Capt. Longlae, reported to be head of a paratroop battalion.

THE DAY’S EDITORIAL: ■ Welcome To China, Ambassador Paik We welcome General Sun-yup Paik to the Republic of China as the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea. He is no stranger to our country although this is the first time he is stationed here. He not only speaks our language well but also has many friends among us. Nor was he exaggerating when he said yesterday at the presentation of credential ceremony that he came to us a representative of a nation that cherishes our friendship and shares with us in the same interest based on a common devotion to freedom.

WHAT WE WERE ADVERTISING: ■ Taipei Veterinary Hospital An animal care center of superlatives, with the most up-to-date therapy, gracious treatment and up-to-date equipment.

OUR COMIC FOR THE DAY: ■ Formosan Vignette by Paul Kuo is black-and-white sketches of everyday life in Taiwan. Originally printed in The China Post. This one, titled “OCCULT COMPENSATION,” reads: “Sinister as the term ‘left hander’ may sound, local belief holds that the southpaw possesses special hidden talents. Time and opportunity will surely bring them to the fore.”

SNAPSHOT: ■ 4-Man Hawaiian Goodwill Mission Arrives In Taipei. The four-member Hawaiian mission headed by Hawaii’s Lieutenant Governor James Kealoha Lee flew here yesterday from Tokyo for a 10-day visit to Free China. Lee, the 63-year-old Hawaiian community leader of Chinese descent, told the local press upon his arrival yesterday that the purpose of his mission’s visit is to obtain more knowledge about Free China so as to promote the mutual understanding between the Chinese and American people and cement the friendly relations between the two countries. The caption read: Picture shows Lieut.-Gov. James Kealoha Lee (third from left) of Hawaii being welcomed at the Sungshan Airport.

WHAT ELSE WE WERE ADVERTISING: ■ Lucky Bar Offering hostesses, drinks and music for those feeling lucky or down on their luck.