Meet a good dog: These two friends are still waiting for a home

With Enru Lin, The China Post

A ban on euthanasia for strays came into effect in February, a milestone policy that shelters across Taiwan have been struggling to accommodate. Many public shelters are reducing the number of animals they accept, while private ones don’t have extra capacity to absorb the fast-growing stray population. The China Post has partnered with trusted local rescuers to introduce one animal each week. These are mostly ones that — because of their coloring, age, medical needs or other traits — have been overlooked by would-be adopters.

This one is Hank Hank is a happy-go-lucky mutt with a sprinkle of white fur on his muzzle. Rescuers found him on the street and, believing that he was lost, took him back to the person listed on his microchip, not knowing that his owner had not wanted him. Two months later, the owner called and said she could either give the dog to them or to the public shelter. Rescuers later discovered that his owner ran a betel nut stand and that Hank’s home had been a telephone pole near the stand. Whenever the betel nut stand was closed, he would be tied up to the pole, getting wet when it rained and burned on sunny days. The owner hoped he would be a guard dog and he would in fact bark if strangers approached, but at his core Hank preferred friendship and would let down all pretense of aggression if you held out a hand for him to sniff.

Estimated age: 5-6 years Waiting for: 3 years and 2 months Weight: 23 kg Health: Great Location: Taoyuan

Meet Darling Darling looks vicious but is an extremely gentle and easy dog with the disposition of a Labrador. She was found on a mountain with a deep scar from a chain collar, and is believed to have been tied up too tight for a long period of time, possibly to guard a nearby construction site. When found, she also had a litter of five puppies. Rescuers put up notices for all six dogs and were able to place her puppies one by one, but no one asked about her. After a longer search, rescuers gave her to a man who worked on a farm, but she quickly became neglected. Seven months later, she had a severe case of untreated heartworm and ehrlichiosis, as well as injuries from being attacked by a pack of dogs. Today, she’s with a local organization and waiting for a family that does not need a guard dog and instead wants a household companion who is impeccably housetrained and loves children.

Estimated age: 4.5 years Waiting for: 2 years and 2 months Weight: 28 kg Health: Good Location: Taipei

To learn more about either Hank or Darling, or to set up a meeting with one of them, contact (English and Chinese)