NIA helps kids go on root-seeking trips

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The National Immigration Agency (NIA) hosted on Saturday afternoon a presentation of achievements made by the children of new immigrants, who conducted cultural exchanges and studied the native languages of their parents’ hometowns during the winter vacation. The ceremony witnessed a total of 41 groups of children and immigrants, selected out of 73 group applicants, present their experiences in living with their maternal grandparents in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, the U.S., Japan, India and mainland China. Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Interior Minister Chiu Chang-yu encouraged new immigrants and their children to fully utilize their cultural and linguistic diversity to develop themselves into international talents and open a window for Taiwan’s internationalization.

Chiu continued that since the government started a program in 2015 to subsidize the cultivation of new immigrants’ children into outstanding talents, it has financed as many as 402 qualified applicants — helping them realize a dream of returning to the hometowns of their parents. This has allowed them to deepen their studies, and enhance their overall capabilities to serve society and the nation.

Under the program, all qualified applicants are granted a subsidy of NT$20,000 ($662) to NT$60,000, depending on the destination, to support a one-week trip back to the hometowns of their parents to carry out cultural exchange.