How I survived

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Liang Sheng-yueh (梁聖岳), 21, was found sleeping in an icy ravine deep in the Himalayas on Wednesday. Beside him was the cold corpse of his girlfriend Liu Chen-chun (劉宸君), with whom he had gone hiking on the Ganesh Himal trail and become lost in a snowstorm. Upon hearing the footfalls of the rescuers, Liang awoke. “We were very surprised,” said Madhav Basnyat, one of the rescuers who had scoured the high-altitude region in a protracted operation to locate the young Taiwanese couple. Trekking officials hailed Liang’s survival as a miracle. Despite being severely malnourished, he was in fair health with no major injuries. For the past few days, he has said little but has been sitting up, reading books on his hospital cot.

His physician at Grande Hospital said he was expected to be able to leave the hospital as early as next week. In an interview with Chinese-language media at Grande Hospital, Liang explains how he spent his 47 days. What They Ate Speaking to the Chinese-language tabloid Apple Daily, Liang said that they had lived on their food supplies for three weeks.

They ate cooked potatoes, then a batter of flour mixed with water and raw rice. “For a while there was still gas, and we cooked instant noodles two times — it made us super happy!” Later, as their supplies dwindled, they began drinking oil and eating salt. “Salt has many minerals. Eat two, three mouthfuls a day, paired with spring water, and that’s enough,” he said. After the supply was entirely depleted, the two found themselves grappling with the question of life and death. “I remember on March 17, we decided we may as well burn charcoal and kill ourselves.”