Nestle goes back to school to promote healthy eating

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Nestle Taiwan’s General Manager Adrian Ho (何文龍) visited the students of Taipei City’s Ming Dao Elementary School as part of the company’s Global Healthy Kids Programme.

Ho, along with a group of volunteers, hosted a series of challenges at the school to teach students about a healthy, balanced diet via games.

The general manager himself dressed up as the king of the balanced diet kingdom to set the playful tone for the day’s activities.

Through each challenge, students must utilize their knowledge of healthy eating and exercise to solve problems and ultimately rescue the locals of the kingdom.

Ho spent the whole day at Ming Dao Elementary, even staying for a well-balanced lunch with the students.

Going into the seventh year of the Global Healthy Kids Programme in Taiwan, Nestle Taiwan has partnered up with the John Tung Foundation once again to promote healthy eating and exercise in schools.

Students are currently participating in a 14-day challenge to become the country’s Nestle healthy youth ambassador.

For 14 days, the children must eat all their rice and vegetables, drink water, and exercise for 30 minutes daily. Teachers and parents will validate the successful completion of each task with a stamp.

After the 14 days, students will shoot a short film about the challenge and what they have learned from it. Nestle will pick a winner from these submissions to become the youth ambassador for the company’s healthy initiative program.

The semi-finalists for the competition were announced online on April 28, and the final round of the competition will take place on May 20.