53 flights delayed due to heavy rain


TAIPEI, Taiwan — A total of 53 passenger and cargo flights at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, the country’s main international gateway, were delayed Wednesday due to heavy rain around Taiwan brought by a plum rain front, according to airport authorities.

As of 3 p.m., 18 inbound flights, 30 outbound flights and 5 cargo flights had been postponed, but no flights had been cancelled, the Taoyuan International Airport Corp. said.

The lingering plum rain front and accompanying southwesterly winds caused heavy to torrential rain around Taiwan that day. The front is expected to affect Taiwan until June 20 or even June 23, according to the Central Weather Bureau.

The annual plum rains, usually seen in Taiwan in May and June, result from stationary fronts caused by the collision of continental cold air masses and Pacific warm air masses over Taiwan, Okinawa and southern China.