Yunlin culls 1,811 turkeys in avian flu threat


TAIPEI, Taiwan — A total of 1,811 turkeys at a poultry farm in Yunlin County were culled on Thursday after it was found to be infected with the avian flu virus, according to the county’s Animal and Plant Disease Control Center.

The type of avian flu virus remains to be confirmed, the center said, adding that more than 50 turkeys died at the farm over the past three days.

The center said there were similar more sporadic cases at the farm in early June, but the owner did not report them to the authorities, failing to recognize the seriousness of the situation.

Birds at 74 poultry farms in the central Taiwan county have been found to be infected with avian flu virus since the start of the year, the center said.

They include three turkey farms, three geese farms, six duck farms and 62 chicken farms, with more than 930,000 birds culled, it said.