Quanta Computer reaffirms commitment in investing in Taiwan

The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Tech giant Quanta Computer’s founder and chairman Barry Lam (林百里) has expressed anxiety about Taiwan falling behind other countries in the development artificial intelligence and 5G technology.

A couple days after tech tycoon Terry Gou (郭台銘) stated his reluctance to invest in Taiwan, Lam expressed his own sentiments regarding investing in the country.

“I am optimistic about the country’s capability for research and development, so Quanta will continue to invest in Taiwan in the long run,” he said after a shareholder meeting on Friday.

In particular, the chairman said he was interested in the coming together of medicine and cloud technology, which has been evident in recent a collaboration of Quanta Computer and Taipei Medical University in developing a medical-specific cloud database.

Lam said that while he had wanted to be a doctor when he was younger, he was now looking to see whether he could make a profit via “medical technology.”

On the topic of the current administration’s NT$880 billion Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Plan, Lam advised the government to tackle new economies and large-scale matters first.

“(The government) should invest in innovative, profitable opportunities, incorporating new economics that will generate a lot of profit,” he said.

Two such innovations are AI and 5G technology, which Lin said Taiwan was lagging behind in the developing.