Four foreign inmates escape Bali prison through tunnel


JAKARTA — Four foreign inmates on Monday escaped a prison on Indonesia’s resort island of Bali through a tunnel, the prison’s governor said.

The escapees include an Australian man who was convicted of immigration offences and was due for release in less than three months, said Tonny Nainggolan, the head of the Kerobokan penitentiary.

“There was a hole that had existed for a long time and that we had always thought to be a ditch,” he told dpa.

“It turned out it was a tunnel leading to the street,” he said.

The others who escaped were Indian, Malaysian and Bulgarian, all convicted of drug trafficking and serving between seven and 14 years in prison, Nainggolan said.

They were believed to have escaped while prisoners were cleaning the yard and preparing for a morning roll call, he said.

Kerobokan, like many other Indonesian jails, has grappled with overcrowding.

Last week, 76 inmates escaped from a prison in Jambi province after floodwaters caused its fence to collapse.