UK entrepreneur Dan Wagner ‘relaunches’ in Taiwan

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — British technology entrepreneur Dan Wagner has announced plans to relaunch his e-commerce business Powa Technologies by teaming up with Wowlife Taiwan.

Wagner was the founder of the U.K. ecommerce and mobile payments company Powa Technologies, which was valued by Goldman Sachs at US$18 billion before it filed for bankruptcy protection in 2016.

Wagner said he was making a comeback with Rezolve, which bills itself as “a mobile commerce technology which allows any form of advertising or media to be instantly ‘shoppable’ by a consumer with a mobile device.”

Wagner said Taiwan was a perfect choice for the relaunch as it was a mature market for e-commerce and very high participation rate among 23 million population trading through e-commerce.

After Taiwan, he said he intends to launch Rezolve in China, India, Southeast Asia and then the rest of the world.