Uber’s under-pressure boss has finally given in


WASHINGTON — Uber boss Travis Kalanick has resigned after a shareholder revolt, the New York Times reported early Wednesday, quoting sources familiar with the situation.

On Tuesday, five of the ride-hailing app’s major investors had demanded the chief executive step down immediately in a letter delivered to him in Chicago, the newspaper wrote.

The 40-year-old, who a week ago had said he would taken an indefinite leave of absence from the company, will remain on the board of directors.

Uber has come under mounting pressure in recent months over concerns about its workplace culture, including allegations of sexual harassment.

Earlier this month, Uber fired more than 20 employees following its internal investigation over sexual harassment, discrimination and unprofessional behavior.

The investigation was initiated in February after a former engineer, Susan Fowler, published a blog post about her repeated complaints about sexual harassment and discrimination at the ride-hailing company. Fowler then alleged that Uber did little more than issue a warning.

Kalanick said in a statement: “I love Uber more than anything in the world and at this difficult moment in my personal life I have accepted the investors request to step aside so that Uber can go back to building rather than be distracted with another fight.”