A migrant worker was killed by falling beams at a Tainan factory


TAIPEI, Taiwan — An Indonesian man working in a steel factory in Tainan was killed in the factory Tuesday when steel beams he was loading onto a freight truck tipped over and pinned him against the truck, authorities said Wednesday.

The 35-year-old migrant worker was standing between a stack of H-beams ready for loading on the truck when the accident occurred, according to the Tainan City Fire Bureau.

As he tried to hoist up several H-beams at once, they tipped over in his direction and pinned him in a standing position against the truck, pressing tightly against his neck, said Lu Hsueh-chih (呂學治), an official with the Tainan City Fire Bureau’s Guiren Station.

The man showed no signs of life after he was pulled out from under the steel, Lu said.

Preliminary examination by prosecutors showed that the victim died of throat and tracheal rupture, as well as heavy pressure to his chest and back, the Tainan police said.

The police said they have contacted the victim’s family and the accident is pending further investigation.