This blog is a lifesaver for Taipei parents with a toddler

The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taking care of a little one is hard enough. Doing it in a foreign city, even an international one like Taipei, adds a load of other problems, from deciphering bus routes to finding some appropriate weekend fun.

But we have some good news: There’s a blog for that.

A Toddler in Taipei was started by expat mom Sarah to give English speakers ideas about where to go and what to do with their tot around the capital.

The blog, which has a super-practical Facebook page, shares stuff like this:

It’s a very resource-rich site. For starters, there are posts about individual points of interest, like details about a three-story play center near the Minquan West Road MRT station and advice on taking tots to some of the city’s famous night markets.

A post on the Raohe Street market had good tips like “Admire all the lanterns on display on the way from the metro to the temple” and “Climb to the top of Ciyou temple, and look at the colorful roof decorations.”

Where we think the site really shines is its lists. These provide all the info you need — names, addresses, phone numbers, prices, etc. — for every part of life, from museums and restaurants to swimming pools and sandboxes. There are even lists of places open on Mondays and activities great for rainy days (like go-karts and cafes).

You can also find activities more tailored to your family by searching according to your toddler’s age or your location in the city.

It’s all kid-friendly and it’s all free. Check out the site here.