Ecuador takes ‘ROC’ from the name of Taiwan’s trade mission

The China Post

Ecuador has unilaterally demanded that Taiwan’s de facto embassy remove “Republic of China” from its name, the Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.

According to a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, the Ecuadorian government is requiring that Taiwan change its representative office’s name from “Oficina Comercial de la Republican de China (Taiwan)” to “Oficina Comercial de Taipei.”

Taiwan’s government deeply regrets Ecuador’s decision and has lodged its strong protest at the South American nation’s office in Taipei, the spokeswoman said.

But Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry has already changed the name of Taiwan’s office in Ecuador to “Oficina Comerical de Taipei.”

Last week, the Foreign Ministry complained of a campaign by Beijing to pressure Ecuador, Nigeria, Bahrain, Jordan and United Arab Emirates to demand that Taiwan remove the terms “R.O.C.” and “Taiwan” from the names of its representative offices.

That already happened in Dubai, where Taiwan’s trade office was forced to change its name from the “Commercial Office of R.O.C. (Taiwan)” to the “Commercial Office of Taipei.”