Temperatures of 32-35 degrees forecast for Taiwan Wednesday


TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taiwan’s weather will be a mixture of clouds and sun on Wednesday under the influence of a Pacific high-pressure zone, with temperatures of 32-35 degrees Celsius expected during the day, the Central Weather Bureau forecast.

The bureau said the atmospheric high pressure system was moving north, drawing in tropical clouds south of the system along with southeasterly winds.

As a result, the weather around the island Wednesday will follow a typical summer pattern — cloudy to sunny with high temperatures and brief afternoon thundershowers in some areas.

Taitung County in southeastern Taiwan, however, is likely to see more frequent showers during the day, the weather bureau said.

Given the weather pattern and the high level of ultraviolet radiation expected Wednesday, the bureau reminded people to take precautions against heat stroke and sunburn when outdoors and to carry umbrellas or raincoats if going out in the afternoon.

Independent meteorologist Wu Der-rong (吳德榮) said Taiwan’s weather will be affected by winds carrying a lot of moisture from the southeast from Thursday to next Wednesday.

As a result, he said, the wind-facing side of eastern Taiwan will likely see sporadic showers during that time.

Wu expected temperatures to hit a high of 35 degrees on Wednesday and of 34 degrees on Thursday and Friday.