Six people have been charged over the notorious Hillsborough stadium crush

The China Post with dpa

LONDON — British prosecutors on Wednesday announced charges against six people, including four senior police officers, in connection with the 1989 death by crushing of 96 people at Hillsborough football stadium in the northern city of Sheffield.

The Hillsborough disaster, as it became known, occurred on April 15, 1989 during an FA Cup semifinal. In addition to the fatalities, the human crush left 766 people injured.

Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield of South Yorkshire Police, who was the match commander on the day, was charged with “manslaughter by gross negligence,” Sue Hemming of the Crown Prosecution Service said following a meeting with relatives of victims.

The fans were crushed to death in a crowd of people as audience members entered the stadium

Three other senior officers and a lawyer for South Yorkshire Police were charged with offences linked to hiding evidence or lying about the conduct of the police at the match.

The former secretary of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, the owners of the stadium, was charged with two offences of failing to ensure the safety of fans in the stadium, Hemming said.

A jury ruled last year that the 96 victims were “unlawfully killed” and that “errors and omissions” by the police had contributed to the disaster.