Resignation fever spreads to 41 doctors at 3 Chang Gung branches: report

The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Just days after 22 doctors at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital’s Linkou branch tendered their resignations, a doctor in the hospital system said the number had risen to 41 across three branches.

On Wednesday, the Linkou branch said 22 emergency room physicians had resigned after two department heads were stripped of their posts for violating hospital regulations.

Hospital management was ordered to try to retain all 22 physicians, with results to be announced next week.

The Chinese-language Apple Daily reported Friday that none of the 22 doctors had agreed to stay on board, and that the hospital’s branches in Taipei and Keelung had also received resignation notices from their doctors.

As of Friday, 41 physicians at three Chang Gung Memorial Hospital branches had tendered their resignations, according to the report.

A Chang Gung doctor told Apple Daily on the condition of anonymity that the large-scale walkout would handicap the emergency care system, robbing it of five years of progress.

The source said that Chang Gung had been becoming too profit-oriented and that if it continued down this path, it would not be able to retain its staff.

Diana Wang (王瑞慧), head of the hospital’s board, was returning to Taiwan from abroad to personally handle the situation, according to the source.

Downgrading Possible

Shih Chung-liang (石崇良), director-general of the Health Ministry’s Department of Medical Affairs, said it had ordered Chang Gung to maintain its standard of emergency care.

If Chang Gung failed to do so, the ministry would downgrade its status from a medical center to a regional hospital, he said.

Shih said he would ask the ministry’s branches in Keelung, Taoyuan, Chiayi and Yunlin to closely monitor the personnel movements of the national hospital system.

‘It’s about respecting professionalism’

In a short film released this week, staff of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital’s emergency care clinic were shown singing and cheering together in their blue scrubs.

The clip concluded with a statement addressed to other staff from Chang Gung’s emergency rooms, urging them to be committed to resigning.

It said that from the outside, the issue appeared to be a labor dispute or a conflict between the hospital and its employees, but that the crux was whether the hospital “respected professionalism.”

The statement continued: “We’re different from other clinics in that when the big boss in other clinics is killed, the underlings play it safe and protect themselves. Though we do not have celebrity doctors or hero doctors, we are great at gang wars — whosoever hits our big boss, whosoever spits in our face, we will band together and give them a good show.

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