Joshua Wong is out of custody after protesting Xi’s visit to Hong Kong

The China Post with dpa

HONG KONG — Activist Joshua Wong was released from police custody early Friday, almost 30 hours after being arrested for protesting the authoritarian rule of mainland China ahead of a visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“All activists are released,” said Hong Kong’s youngest legislator Nathan Law who was also detained by police along with Wong and 24 other activists.

Wong himself also posted a photo to his Facebook of him leaving the lockup.

The activists had camped out by a golden flower statue gifted by Beijing in 1997 to commemorate the return of Hong Kong to China, calling for true democracy for the city.

Wong and other pro-democracy activists say China is in violation of the treaty that ceded Hong Kong to China by refusing to grant its residents the right to nominate and elect its top official, the Chief Executive.

The 79-day so-called Umbrella Revolution that saw three of Hong Kong’s busiest thoroughfares occupied by protesters was a result of Beijing’s decision in August of 2014 to only allow pre-selected candidates to run was what kicked off the

The activists are expected in court in the afternoon to face charges.