US-bound passengers to undergo tighter security screenings


TAIPEI, Taiwan — United States-bound passengers with electronics in their personal carry-on luggage will soon be subjected to tighter security screening at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport beginning July 17, the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) announced Thursday.

This soon-to-be-imposed restriction will be in line with the U.S. Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) enhanced security measure adopted on Thursday.

Under the new U.S. guidelines, electronic devices that are larger in size than a mobile phone, such as tablet computers, laptops, DVD players, hand-held video games and cameras, being taken onto aircraft cabins on direct flights to the United States will be subjected to tighter screening.

For now, security rules will remain the same for U.S.-bound travelers departing from airports in Taiwan, the CAA said.

But beginning July 17, passengers traveling from the Taoyuan airport to the U.S. with such personal electronic devices will undergo random screening, the CAA said.

According to the CAA, specialized screening detectors will be set up at the departure gates on all U.S.-bound flights.

In order to save boarding time, travelers are advised to stow their personal electronics in their check-in luggage, it said.