Filipino migrant worker rescued from factory fire in Changhua


TAIPEI, Taiwan — A Filipino migrant worker who was trapped by a massive factory fire in Changhua County early Friday morning was later rescued and is being treated for smoke inhalation.

All of the other people at the factory were able to make it out safely as the fire broke out at the facility in the county’s Puyan Township that specializes in painting bicycle parts.

The fire spread rapidly because the factory was jammed with flammable objects, according to the Changhua County Fire Bureau, and dozens of firefighters and 19 fire engines had to be mobilized to extinguish the flames.

The 35-year-old female migrant worker, identified only as Anney, was rushed to Changhua Christian Hospital for treatment after being rescued.

According to the hospital, Anney is now in stable condition, with no obvious burns on her body and limbs.

She has been intubated to prevent throat swelling and make it easier for her to breathe, the hospital said.

The fire has since been brought under control, and authorities are still investigating its cause.