One of 40 new policies taking effect Saturday fines drivers who don’t use turn signals


A total of 40 new government policies and measures will take effect in Taiwan from July, including several affecting road users.

According to the list of measures released by the Executive Yuan on Thursday, beginning July 1, drivers who fail to turn on the correct vehicle indicators before changing lanes or making a turn can be fined between NT$600 (US$19) and NT$1,800, while those who fail to open their car doors properly on entry and exit of their vehicles can be fined between NT$1,200 and NT$3,600.

From July 1, drivers aged 75 and older are required to renew their driver’s license every three years, according to the Executive Yuan.

Also, beginning Sept. 1, all tour buses are required to be equipped with GPS devices for security purposes.

In the food sector, beginning July 1, products labeled as butter must contain at least 80 percent of milk fat, while products with at least 10 percent but less than 80 percent of milk fat should be called fresh cream, edible cream or butter fat.

Meanwhile, Chunghwa Post Co., Taiwan’s official postal service, will raise the postage rate for domestic mail from Aug. 1. The rate will be increased from NT$5 to NT$8 for ordinary mail, and from NT$25 to NT$30 for registered mail.

From July 3, Taiwanese cities and counties that currently offer sex-same partnership registration will also begin to receive applications from other areas, according to the Executive Yuan.

Partnership registration allows same-sex couples to apply for family care leave and sign surgical or medical treatment consent forms for each other.

Another measure allows foreign visitors to get a tax refund in the downtown area with their UnionPay credit cards.

That policy, which aims to make it easier for foreign visitors to get their tax refund, will take effect on July 11, .

Measures will also be passed to make it easier for people to declare estate and gift tax from July 1, and to register a birth and apply for national ID cards from July 3.