These 5 online reactions to the US arms sale to Taiwan are staggeringly dumb

By Luo Hsia-an, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — I don’t expect every or even most Americans to have a grasp of Taiwan’s situation. It’s not like everyone can be clued in about the goings-on of every other country on Earth.

But can’t people just show some decorum and restraint? No — if Donald Trump did anything, it must be bad — even if it involves some country you’re so unsure about you think its capital is Bangkok.

The resulting drivel that clogs social media, mostly from people who would call themselves liberals, is staggering. These people are so blinded by their preconceptions that they don’t stop a second to learn about a topic or to wonder whether they really need to post what they’re already halfway through typing.

I’m not sure whether these are funny, sad or just infuriating, but here are the five dumbest posts I found about the news that the White House on Thursday approved a US$1.4 billion arms sale to Taiwan.

1. This guy who thinks Taiwan is a Third World country that the U.S. will turn on and stage a coup in, Nicaragua-style.

2. This poster whose logic suggests presidents should have no role in anything their supporters don’t deeply care about.

3. This national security expert who thinks Taiwan is the Taliban.

4. This brilliant thinker whose analogy has so many historical inaccuracies and logical flaws that I can’t even.

5. This Twitter user who clearly doesn’t know wtf she’s typing about.

Thankfully, someone knew how to reply.

And here’s a bonus extra that I’ll dub “The Proper Response.”