2G is officially dead in Taiwan

The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taiwan bid farewell to its 2G wireless network at midnight on Saturday, with telecom operators ending all cellular service on the network besides emergency calls.

The discontinuation affects some 60,000 holdouts on Chunghwa Telecom, 20,000 on Taiwan Mobile and 8,000 on FarEasTone.

After the shutdown, customers on the 2G network will no longer be able to make any calls except emergency calls, send or receive text messages or use their data services.

All 2G-only handsets will no longer work and their phone numbers will be reserved to the end of the December.

Customers on a discontinued device can visit any of their telecom operator’s service centers to purchase a 4G device that can then be used with their original phone number.

From July 1 to July 7, if Taiwan Mobile customers on the 2G network attempt to make a call, they will be redirected to a customer service center that can temporarily restart their phone service if they agree to upgrade to 4G.