Finns win annual wife-carrying championship


OSLO — Finns Taisto Miettinen and Kristiina Haapanen have won the wife-carrying world championship in Finland, beating the competition by two seconds.

Americans Mischa Freystaetter and Rie Takano took second place at the championship held in Sonkajarvi on Saturday.

The third place also went to two Finns.

The wife-carrying world championship has been held in Sonkajarvi in Eastern Finland province, some 500 kilometres north of the capital Helsinki, since 1992.

Contestants brave a 253.5-metre-long course and have to deal with several obstacles, including a water obstacle one metre deep.

According to the rule book, the wife to be carried “may be your own, the neighbour’s” or “you may have found her farther ahead.”

The couple that posts the fastest time wins.

And most importantly: “All the participants must have fun.”