Lin Tzu-wei is a ‘pleasant surprise,’ Red Sox manager says

By Chen Fan-neng, Special to The China Post

Boston Red Sox manager John Edward Farrell said he was happy with the performance of Taiwanese infielder Lin Tzu-wei (林子偉), calling him “a pleasant surprise” during an interview on Monday.

Lin finished the first nine innings in Monday’s game with zero hits but helped the Red Sox defeat the Texas Rangers 7-5 in overtime with a walk and two runs.

After the game, Farrell told The Boston Globe that “Lin’s making most of the opportunity.”

“I think Tzu-Wei has been a pleasant surprise given the way he’s hit the baseball with the fair consistency he’s shown,” Farrell said.

The Red Sox clinched its fifth straight win on Monday despite losing its main infielders due to injuries.

To fill in that gap, Lin had been promoted from the Double-A Portland to the Major Leagues at the end of last month.

Since Lin was called up to the Major Leagues, the Red Sox have scored 7 wins and 3 losses.

The Red Sox won Monday’s game in overtime, starting their offense at the top of the 11th inning. Lin ended the game in the ninth inning with three times at bat and zero hits.

Although Lin did not match his performance from the previous game — during which he had three hits and helped the Red Sox thrash Toronto Blue Jays 15-1 — he still contributed by scoring a walk and two runs.

The Red Sox will face off against the Texas Rangers again on Wednesday and attempt to get their fifth straight victory in an away game.