Find out how these guys earned millions using the internet

The China Post

Two local men have been arrested for running a multimillion-dollar marijuana farm with knowledge gleaned from the internet, police said Tuesday.

Police have arrested Wang, who allegedly grew and manufactured the weed, along with a man surnamed Yeh who had handled its transport and sale at gambling centers.

Wang, 33, said he was not a chemistry or agriculture studies major, police said.

He said he had learned all his techniques on the internet and had bought all the seeds for NT$800 each from a foreigner he met at a karaoke bar, according to the police report.

Once mature, Wang’s dried cannabis was sold for NT$1,000 a gram.

Police said the two were quite a pair, running a well-oiled operation that shipped Mary Jane to Taichung, Changhua and Tainan entertainment centers.

The duo reportedly made illegal profits exceeding NT$5 million, and police say that the plants they confiscated are worth millions more.

Taichung Police Department’s Wufeng precinct said Tuesday that the suspects tried to create a good spread of risk by planting their marijuana at different locations.

On a tip-off, police found 82 marijuana plants growing in Nantou County’s Caotun Township and 90 plants in Puli Township, plus marijuana seeds in Changhua City.

Police said that in Puli they also seized a barrel of dried cannabis, a dehumidifier, transformers and other equipment used to process the marijuana.