16 people have died in a US military plane crash: report


WASHINGTON — All sixteen people on board a U.S. Marine plane that crashed in Mississippi late Monday were killed, local media reported.

“Most of them are gonna be Marines,” local sheriff Ricky Banks was quoted as saying by The Clarion-Ledger, though he could not confirm that there were no civilians on board.

The plane crashed in a soybean field in a Leflore County, Lee Smithson, director of the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, said.

The Marines would only confirm that a “mishap” had occurred late Monday. “Further information will be released as available,” it wrote on Twitter.

Dramatic footage from broadcaster WLBT showed a large plane on fire in the middle of a field of crops, with smoke billowing up. Detritus from the plane was strewn over a radius of 8 kilometers, according to officials.

The reason for the crash was not immediately clear nor were there any further details about where the plane had come from or where it was flying to.

The Marines said the plane involved was a USMC KC-130, which is typically used for refueling.