Police are pursuing the pranksters who made a booby trap with plastic wrap in New Taipei

The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Early Wednesday morning, a driver surnamed Yang saw something reflecting light up ahead in an alley of New Taipei City.

He parked his scooter to investigate and realized that it was a long banner of plastic wrap that ran across the length of the road, attached to a telephone pole at each end.

“Who gets this bored? Doing this is very dangerous,” he said in a video of the plastic wrap discovery that he uploaded to Facebook. It was subsequently widely shared and reuploaded.

Yang also notified the police, who pulled surveillance footage of the alley off Xinzhuang District’s Minle Street and identified two suspects: men who appeared at 1:18 a.m. and left two minutes later.

Police are pursuing the pair using the license plate number of their vehicle and are handling the case as a potential offense against public safety.