Shihlien Chemical Industrial produces quality synthetic ammonia

The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Ammonia is one of the most basic chemical products — and one of the most important. The synthetic ammonia industry plays a surprisingly large role in the global economy. Ammonia is the top chemical raw material in the world in terms of production volume and it is the driving force in the development of the chemical industry as well as of other industrial fields.

Ammonia is the main raw material from which various kinds of compound fertilizer are produced. Liquid ammonia is itself a highly efficient nitrogen fertilizer that can be used directly in agricultural production. At present, 85 percent of all ammonia produced worldwide is used to in fertilizers.

Approximately one-tenth of the world’s energy is used to produce synthetic ammonia. China, which still relies heavily on agriculture, is also a powerhouse in synthetic ammonia and fertilizer production. It is the top synthetic ammonia producer in terms of production volume, with a total production capacity of about 74 million tons. The nitrogen fertilizer industry not only satisfies domestic needs but is also a competitive export on the global market.

The Shihlien Chemical Industrial Synthetic Ammonia Plant boasts the world’s most advanced technology and equipment. It has automated production system with a daily production capacity of 1,350 tons. It uses coal slurry pressurized gasification technology from the U.S. firm GE, gas purification using methanol washing process of Lurgi, Germany; and liquid nitrogen washing technology of Air Liquide from France, and Casale Low Pressure Ammonia Synthesis technology from Switzerland.

As part of energy-saving and carbon-reduction policies, Shihlien Chemical Industrial produces its synthetic ammonia products using much less energy compared with its competitors. In 2015, it received “Smart Synthetic Ammonia Production Plant” recognition from Jiangsu province authorities for its smart factory demonstration program.

The company says it is committed to promoting resource conservation and an eco-friendly business model as well as to establishing a good environmental management system. By improving the manufacturing process, the company aims to reduce pollution and its impact on the environment.

Shihlien Chemical Industrial also upholds strict standards in line with China’s growing focus on and requirements for environmental protection. It’s all part of the company’s efforts to become a world-class chemical plant and to fulfill its corporate social responsibility in order to become a model for the industry and to contribute to the global green movement.