‘One Belt, One Road’ gives Taiwanese glass fiber firm a geographic advantage

The China Post

Established by Taiwan Glass Industrial Corp. (台玻集團), Taichia Chengdu Glass Fiber Co. (台嘉成都玻纖公司) in Sichuan province is an important glass fiber manufacturing base in western China.

Hu Wenliang (胡文亮), general manager of Taichia Chengdu Glass Fiber, said the region had great potential for development and that the company was set to reap indirect benefits from Beijing’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative.

In 2012, Taiwan Glass built the glass fiber plant in Qingbaijiang District of Sichuan capital Chengdu.

The plant not only produced glass fiber but also wove it into fiberglass cloth, a material used in circuit boards. The fiber and cloth were made under one roof, something that major manufacturers were unable to do.

Taichia Chengdu Glass Fiber, which had total investment of US$320 million, spanned 543.6 hectares and created 1,000 jobs.

Today, it is the largest electronic glass fiber yarn and cloth production enterprise in mainland China’s southwestern region, and it supports the local government’s efforts to promote the development of southwest China’s electronics and information technology supply chain.

Sichuan is located at the intersection of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative and the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone.

Hu said that the short-term business opportunities of “One Belt, One Road” were not significant for the glass fiber yarn and cloth industry.

But Hu said there were positive ramifications for the company’s clients in communications, automotive and downstream enterprises developing the markets of Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Europe.

In the end, this impact will provide indirect benefits to Taichia Chengdu Glass Fiber, he said.

The “One Belt, One Road” initiative was announced four years ago. It aims to see Beijing lead the construction of railway, bridges, ports and other important infrastructure in Europe and Asia.