The US health care bill has collapsed after two more Republicans said no


WASHINGTON — Two more Republican U.S. senators said Monday that they would not vote for the Republican health care bill, appearing to sink the legislation meant to replace the so-called Obamacare health care reforms.

“In addition to not repealing all of the Obamacare taxes, it doesn’t go far enough in lowering premiums for middle class families; nor does it create enough free space from the most costly Obamacare regulations,” Utah Senator Mike Lee said in a statement.

The legislation “fails to repeal the Affordable Care Act or address healthcare’s rising costs,” Kansas Senator Jerry Moran said in a statement.

“We should not put our stamp of approval on bad policy,” Moran said. He noted, however, that his goal was still to repeal and replace Obamacare, which he said had “serious problems.”

The Republican leadership has struggled to get enough votes in the Senate to pass the bill, with hints that at least two others of the 52 Republicans in the upper chamber wouldn’t vote for it — leaving Majority Leader Mitch McConnell short of the majority needed.

Senate Republicans delayed a vote this week while Arizona Senator John McCain recovered from surgery.

U.S. President Donald Trump has made repealing the health care reforms enacted under his predecessor, Barack Obama, a top priority.