Saudi authorities have detained this woman for the ‘crime’ of not wearing a full-body covering


CAIRO — A woman who was filmed touring an historic site while wearing clothing that is considered revealing by Saudi Arabian standards has been taken into custody by police, Saudi state TV reported Tuesday

Video and images of the woman sightseeing while wearing a miniskirt and a crop top were shared on a Snapchat account titled Model Kholoud, creating a furor in the conservative country.

Saudi law obliges women to cover their hair and bodies, in line with traditional customs.

But there were also vocal supporters of the woman.

The woman was identified and taken into custody in al-Shakraa province, northwest of the capital Riyadh, a police spokesman told the broadcaster.

The spokesman added that the woman confirmed she was at the site, but said that the shared videos were posted to an account attributed to her without her knowledge.

The case was referred to Riyadh’s prosecutor general for further investigation, according to the spokesman.