Bank customers are going bananas for bananas

The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — In what’s already being described as another example of pettiness among some members of the public, a bank looking for kudos by helping local farmers has found itself facing angry customers making “banana runs.” Amid an oversupply of the fruit, Mega International Bank (兆豐銀行) announced last week that it had purchased 100 tons of bananas to give away to staff and customers over the last two weeks of July.

Each customer coming to the bank in person would be given around 1 Taiwanese catty (600 grams) of the fruit — about four bananas — the bank said. Soon, tellers were inundated with calls asking about the bananas, media reported. Some people, apparently not happy with the quota, asked if they could buy more at the bank. Other customers, angry at not getting the fruit during their visits after some branches ran out, even demanded the bank issue a “banana guarantee certificate.” More innocent were the Hua Nan Bank (華南銀行) employees who were on the receiving end of criticism from customers for failing to hand out free bananas their bank hadn’t even promised — something particularly ridiculous considering the banks’ names sound nothing alike in Chinese. Netizens were having a field day posting stories on the “Bananas Rebellion,” as it’s been dubbed, with users slamming what they see as the public tendency to go into mass hysteria for small gifts or bargains.

“Only NT$20 in free bananas is enough to turn people into monkeys,” one said.