Taiwan might not see its first tropical storm of the season after all

The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A depression near the Philippines earlier forecast to become the first tropical storm to affect Taiwan this typhoon season might not do so after all, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said Monday.

The bureau had said Sunday there was a possibility the weather system would develop into the ninth tropical storm of the season.

But the CWB said today that the latest data showed conditions were unfavorable for the system’s development.

The observation mirrors those from European and Japanese forecasters, though the U.S. weather station still believes there is a chance of the depression becoming a storm.

Currently, there are three tropical storms in the Pacific — Noru, Kulap and Roke — but none are expected to pass near Taiwan, the bureau said.

What is certain is that the recent hot weather will continue, with the CWB forecasting a high of 37 degrees Celsius for Taipei.

There’s also a chance of occasional afternoon showers in the mountainous areas of the island, and thunderstorms may be seen in the coastal areas of Southern Taiwan and mountainous parts of Northern Taiwan.