Hypermarket child abduction was only ‘a misunderstanding,’ police say

The China Post

Local media reported a scary case of highly skilled child abductors who led away a girl at a Taipei hypermarket and very nearly got away with it.

The two middle-aged women had acted “so naturally” when they led the child away from her father, who was distracted by a business phone call, the father said on Facebook.

Had he not noticed at the last moment and called his daughter back, she would have been gone, he wrote.

The scenario of seemingly harmless ladies abducting children in the middle of a busy store is the stuff of nightmares for many parents.

But this particular case was only “a misunderstanding,” police said.

After studying the surveillance camera footage, police said that the women had acted so innocently most likely because they were innocent.

They had apparently reached for the girl because they were worried that shopping carts would hit her while her father was taking his business call, police said.