China Times defends intern who threw water balloons in the Legislative Yuan

The China Post

Chinese-language daily China Times on Tuesday released a press statement defending its intern who made headlines for joining a water balloon fight at the Legislative Yuan.

Last Wednesday, a newspaper intern surnamed Han (韓) captured the spotlight when he joined Kuomintang lawmakers in throwing water balloons at Democratic Progressive Party lawmakers during the review of an infrastructure bill.

Legislative Yuan Secretary-General Lin Chih-chia (林志嘉) said Han had obstructed legislative proceedings and that the police would be asked to handle the case. Meanwhile, Democratic Progressive Party lawmakers raised concerns that Han, who was identified as a Taiwanese student at a mainland Chinese university, was a spy for Beijing.

China Times made a move to defend Han on Tuesday, releasing a statement that said the accusations against Han were hyperbolic.

“Throwing water balloons was the act of a young person who became caught up in the heat of the moment. At parliament, this behavior is improper, but it absolutely is not a national security risk, as some people have described it as,” China Times stated.

“On that day, the lawmakers were the adults who launched the balloons, and the student went to the Legislative Yuan as an intern and followed their lead. The adults set a bad example, and the Legislative Yuan should file a police complaint about lawmakers throwing balloons instead of going after the student.”

The China Post intern Mareth Chavez contributed to this report