Spanish soccer chief Villar has finally been removed from his post


BARCELONA — Angel Maria Villar has been suspended as president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) for one year, pending the outcome of the corruption investigation against him.

Spain’s High Council of Sports reached its verdict bringing to an end Villar’s 29-year reign as RFEF president.

Villar and his son Gorka were both sent to Soto del Real prison in Madrid last week by Spanish National Court judge Santiago Pedraz who also denied the pair bail.

Juan Padron, a vice-president in RFEF and president of the Tenerife federation, was also imprisoned without bail and has also been suspended for one year.

All three are the subject of an investigation by Spanish police into alleged false administration, misappropriation of funds, corruption and falsifying documents.

Council president Jose Ramon Lete said the suspension could be revised depending on the findings of the ‘Operation Soule’ investigation, but urged the RFEF to put a new president in place to assure the continued day-to-day working of Spanish soccer.

Villar is also set to lose his position as vice-president of world governing body FIFA and membership in the executive committee of the European governing body UEFA.